Winter, You Are Lovely. Get Out Already.

It’s hard for me not to appreciate the beauty of a Canadian winter… but don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Snow Covered Hardwood TreesGone Wordless on this fine Wednesday? Leave a link in comments.


  1. It really is so lovely isn’t it? But yes – completely AGREE that it can’t leave us soon enough! Ha! In the meantime – stay warm!

  2. Thanks for my morning chuckle. Just got inside after another hour of shovelling, yup, we got dumped on yet again. That’s three days in a row now, at least the blizzard warning has been dropped, guess that’s an improvement
    Winter winter Go AWAY!!!

  3. I agree. Beautiful picture. But enough of winter already!

  4. Hah My thoughts exactly :)

  5. Well it’s warmed up since you posted this, so maybe someone listened.

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