SkinFix Diaper Rash Paste Giveaway

It seems like just yesterday…

Before this blog, before it taking half an hour to wrangle Chelsea into her pajamas after the umpteenth bedtime story… a lot of my time was spent on diaper changes.  Somehow, some way, I lucked out and Chelsea never suffered from bad bouts of diaper rash… so I used whatever it was that came in the little goody bag I came home from the IWK with whenever I changed her bum, just because it was on hand.
It was mostly luck though, I know from my local mom groups and from conversations with friends that diaper rash is a huge problem and that everyone has their own tips and tricks for keeping it under control.  SkinFix Diaper Rash paste is founded on a British family recipe from the 1800s.  It first arrived on Canadian soil in 1871 and was Halifax’s little secret for generations (someday people will say that about me too ;) ).  But word of the happy Halifax bottoms spread, and now Diaper Rash Paste is protecting baby bums – and parents’ peace of mind – from coast-to-coast.
Not just for tiny hineys, SkinFix Body Repair Paste is a multi-purpose healing balm that is proven effective for the whole family.  The same “Skin Healing Complex” formula moves beyond bottoms to heal everything from minor irritations like bug bites and dry skin patches, to stubborn skin conditions such as eczema.  It’s gentle enough for babies and toddlers and will not compromise the health and condition of skin over time.
The most important thing I can tell you about SkinFix? It has been awarded the prestigious Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) Seal of Approval and was named Best Product in 2010.  The PTPA panel consists of 40,000 moms who evaluate and rate products for approval to bear the seal…  I wouldn’t dare to differ with 40,000 moms.
I’ve been provided with two tubs of SkinFix Diaper Rash Paste ($14.99/112g MSRP) to give away to one lucky reader who is unlucky enough to need it.  If you live in Canada, and are battling diaper rash… fill out the form below.  For more information on SkinFix, visit their website.

Good luck!


  1. change the diaper more often then you think you should, and leave it off for longer

  2. Um, I was going to say pretty much exactly what Lisa said. So, depending on the season, more “air time” could be even be spent outside.

  3. Changing diapers often


    belinda mcnabb

  4. Leslie:
    Blow on the bare area with a blow dryer. Be careful it’s not too hot.

  5. After a bath we let our son lay on the blanket in front of the wood stove where it is nice and warm and let him dry really well. His diaper rash usually goes away after this:)

  6. Sandy Rooke says:

    Leave diaper off for a while

  7. Change often and air out when you can!

    breej23 at hotmail dot com

  8. change as soon as u think your child is wet and let the baby bum air out

  9. Let baby air out every now and then!

  10. change the diaper often and use a high quality diaper rash cream.

  11. Thanks for such great suggestion. I was very worried about my child due to diaper rash.

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