We’re Going To Walt Disney World!

It’s official! The reservations have been made, vacation time booked, we are going to Disney World!

Photo Credit: The Disney Moms
As you can tell, I am more than a bit excited… and I’m the parent.  Since lunching aboard the Disney Magic last summer while she was in port here in Halifax, I have had more than a dash of Disney Fever!
While Hubs visited Disney World when he was a teenager, I have never been… and this is where you come in (because his memory isn’t that great when it comes to this stuff).  While I’m digging through the bottomless wealth of WDW info on the web, I’d love to hear what you love best… whether it be an attraction or a restaurant (so MANY to choose from, and only 10 days to try them!).
This might be the longest month of my life.
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Heather Nolan lives just outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia. She loves her lil' family, her cats, traveling, and creating in the kitchen. Her iPhone is often confused for a conjoined twin.


  1. Congratulations! You and the kids will love it. Only piece of advice…wear really comfortable shoes :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Glad to hear that you are going to take a trip. Chelsea will have a great time as will you and Brent. Your kittens will be in good hands while you are gone!!Have fun and enjoy the nice weather!!

  3. Yaaaaaah! Congrats! That’s such exciting news :-D

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