Happy New Year!!!! Oh, wait…

… it’s January 16th.

I started 2013 taking care of a sick little girl on New Year’s Day, and on January 2nd the germs decided to move en masse to my body and are finally in the process of leaving after many, many eviction notices.  I haven’t had a cold like this in years, and it was ‘just’ a cold, I saw two doctors during my fortnight of coughing, sneezing, wheezing and HIVES to assure me.  Ew.

The good news is that during my NyQuil and Benedryl-induced stupors two pretty awesome things happened.

1.  We FINALLY got our hardwood floors refinished!  Their ‘rustic charm’ (my oh-so-positive way of saying they were worn the hell out) was lost upon me shortly after moving in.  Well, three and a half years later, they are beautiful.  Even though I didn’t get to enjoy my two night mini-vacation at a hotel as much as I should have been able to while they were being done, I’m sooooo happy to see nice clean floors when I wake up.

2.  I am the featured blogger in this month’s (Jan/Feb 2013) Cooking Light magazine!  Call me vain, but I LOVE seeing myself in print.  Get your copy ASAP, I hear they are selling out quicker than usual (I heard from the little voices in my brain… probably another NyQuil thang).

So the first half of January is gone, there’s just no getting around that.  Now though, I’m back to cooking, baking and yes, blogging – these two weeks have totally depleted my freezer meals… but that’s exactly why they were there in the first place.
Hmm… where to start?


  1. says

    SO glad to see you are back on your feet and blogging. Congratulations on being the featured blogger for this edition of Cooking Light. Give us more info on the kitchen reno, wasn’t there a kitchen reno or am I just imagining this?

  2. says

    Glad to hear that you are healthy once again. Your floors are beautiful. What a nice job your re-finisher did. Congratulations on being featured in Cooking Light! How exciting for you.

  3. Anonymous says

    Congratulations on being published in Cooking Light. Mom is very proud of all your blogs and I like receipes that are “Light” as it is good for my health and being a diabetic is what I need. Mom

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