New Year’s Eve & Holiday Party Apps

We had a great Christmas here at the Mmm… household (minus the nagging heartburn, ugh). While we were planning on going out for New Year’s Eve this year, plans fell through and we’ll find ourselves at home, watching a movie and no doubt sleeping on the couch when the clock strikes midnight. I do have one more family gathering to prepare for this weekend though. No sit down meal, just a selection of hot and cold appetizers and snacks (or the good stuff).

While I still haven’t finalized my menu (yes, the party is tomorrow), I have found a ton of inspiration from this Cooking Light slideshow of 100 Ideas for Appetizers… everything from Artichoke and Fennel Caponata to Sloppy Joe Sliders.  I’m going to have to plan a lot more gatherings to get through this list though.

Looking back through my own recipes, the following ones are jumping out at me as great New Year’s Eve fare:

Creamy Mushroom Tart

Lobster & Bearnaise Toasts with Charred Corn Relish

Bacon Jam on pretty much anything…

I’m still trying to figure out my plans for this blog in 2013.  I know I would love to be able to focus more on my photography, which was put on the back burner this year, it was hard enough to try to find time to cook or bake, let alone during a time when I could actually stage a mini photo shoot.  I am a Mom first and foremost though, which means that plans change… a lot.

Whatever your plans are for New Year’s Eve and the year ahead, I hope your lives are full of happiness and good health.



  1. Anonymous says

    Hi Heather. Your receipes sound delicious! Can’t wait to try them on Saturday. I know they will be great because of the gal making them!

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