Lindt Outlet Boutique Grand Opening – Clayton Park & Giveaway

‘Like a kid in a candy store’.

Your inner child will be released when you walk into the Lindt Outlet Boutique in Clayton Park and the smells and sights of chocolate engulf you.  It’s not a sight for the faint of heart.  Hardcore chocoholics might go into spasms or something I suspect.

I was fortunate to get an invite to the Grand Opening of the newest Lindt Outlet Boutique, the first and only one in Atlantic Canada.  Rudi Blatteris, President & CEO, Lindt & Spruengli Canada was on hand to open the store in grand style, along with Ann Czaja, Lindt’s Master Chocolatier (now that’s a title I could get used to),  Mayor Savage and representatives from all branches of the Canadian Armed Forces.

It seemed a bit odd to see so many military folks at a media event, but it soon became clear why they were there are Rudi began to speak.  Lindt is providing CAF members 25% off at the Outlet Boutique for at least the next 10 years, and also provided the Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC) with a whopping 5,000 Lindt Advent Calendars (the same ones I already bought there a couple of weeks ago for our family and we are opening today, yay!).  It’s nice to see a company come into the area and make an effort to really be part of the community.

I think our community is reciprocating… when I left the Grand Opening festivities, the line up to get in was well past Cora’s… and I heard it was almost that long again yesterday.

Welcome to Halifax, Lindt… I have a feeling you’ll settle in here just fine!

To celebrate the outlet’s Grand Opening, Lindt has provided Mmm… is for Mommy a gift basket from the store valued at $100 to give to one lucky reader.  The winner has to be able to pick up the basket at the Clayton Park Lindt Outlet Boutique, so this is a locals only contest (unless you have family in Halifax and would like to win it for them).  

To enter leave a comment on this post letting me know your favourite Lindt confection.  I’ll select a winner next Saturday, December 8th at 10:00am AST.  I need to be able to contact you though, so please ensure you leave an email address or have your profile linked to one.

Good luck!

Disclosure:  I was offered Gift Basket to give away, but no compensation was received for this post.  All opinions on my blog are mine and are never for sale.
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Heather Nolan lives just outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia. She loves her lil' family, her cats, traveling, and creating in the kitchen. Her phone is often confused for a conjoined twin.


  1. Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me!!!! :D Hmmm…my favorite Lindt chocolate is the round milk chocolate balls. I pop them in the freezer and the shell crackles under your teeth, with the ultra creamy and dense chocolate center — Heaven! And, of course to make it an über delicious moment, a touch of heavily salted potatoe chip just sets the right tone for my little indulgent! Perfection ((

  2. I love the Lindy Milk Chocolate bars (and also the wrapped chocolates that the sell at Christmas and Easter time!)

  3. I didn’t believe my husband when he told me there was a Lindt store in Clayton Park. I figured he must have made a mistake. I was so happy he was right :) I popped in when it had only been open for a few days and the smell is amazing. I wonder if the staff go home smelling like chocolate?

    My Favourite chocolate is the 60% dark chocolate Lindor Truffles, but truly it’s hard to pick a favourite.

  4. I would be in heaven if I won this basket!! :P My favourites are the dark chocolate bars….. probably the Madagascar. Mmmmmm so good with coffee!

  5. Yummy I just had 2 with breakfast ;) I will be avoiding that store until I am done my Christmas shopping or everyone including the kids will be getting chocolate

  6. I forgot to add in my last post my favorite is the hazelnut :)

  7. I love the lindt lindor truffles in the red box…my favorite every christmas

  8. I love the creaminess of the Excellence Extra Creamy bars. Feels like a little piece of heaven when a piece melts in my mouth. I don’t personally live in the Halifax area but have a son who does. I’m sure he would pick up this prize for his Momma and share it with her when she gets there for Christmas!

  9. Leslie Waite says:

    Seriously the best give away yet hehe!

  10. Leslie Waite says:

    Oh and my favorite is the Milk Chocolate with Seasalt, AMAZING!

  11. I love the Lindor milk chocolate truffles..
    What a fantastic giveaway ,thanks

  12. Yum! Lindt is my fave! When I lived in Switzerland, I loved, loved, loved the Straciatella chocolate bar. I’ve never seen them in Canada (though I haven’t been to the new store yet!) but in the spring, they have a seasonal Straciatella Lindor bag that I wait for alllll year! Awesome giveaway!

    I’m commenting with my Google account but don’t check that email too often so here is my other :)

  13. I’m not picky I love them all!!! They are so yummy!!!!

  14. lindsay moulton :) says:

    Oh wow… would i not LOVE to win this one… Chocolate is my downfall!!! My fav is the hazelnut as well… Yum YUM YUM pick me pick me.. I never win anything…. this would be the perfect one to win!!!!!!!

  15. I love Lindt products because they are CHOCOLATE!!!

  16. My girls and I have been to the store many times since it opened just before Halloween. Every time we go in, the girls get a sample! And I wrote to the head office and they said that they are trying to source fairly traded chocolate, phasing it in slowly.

    My favourite is the darkest chocolate balls – I think the wrapping is black. SOOOOO smooth!

  17. Although I love most anything LIndt that I have had I do have to say that my faves are the Creation 70% Cherry & Chili bar and the delectable mix of my two fave things, dark chocolate and Cranberries in the Excellence Intense Cranberry. For gift giving and receiving of chocolates not being a person who likes most boxed chocolates the gift of swiss luxury chocolates is to die for.

  18. My husband came home with 2 big boxes of truffles for Christmas and one is gone. Yikes. Lindt truffles sooooo delish and having the new store in Clayton Park is going to be deadly to a lot of waistlines, lol.

    I do not have 1 fave however finding most of Lindors products delectable. I can name a few though. I absolutely love the Swiss Luxury boxed chocolates as a gift at Christmas especially or to give as a gift because I find most other chocolates too sickeningly sweet and hate most of the fillings. Then of course the wonderful mixture of my two favorite things dark chocolate and cranberries will make the Excellence Intense Cranberry a favorite I am sure and I have been looking forward to tasting it, or should I say savoring it. It may take the place of my Cherry Chili Creation bar. Yummy. and of course the Hazelnut Truffle and the dark chocolate truffle.

  19. My favorite are the dark chocolate peppermint truffles!

  20. Oh so many of their products ROCK, but my absolute to-die-for favourite is the Lindt Dark Chocolate Truffles. I never know if I should let the outer coating melt off then savour the inside separately or just gently bite it and enjoy the two together… Usually I have more than one and can go both ways. My earliest memory of Lindt chocolate was while watching the Phantom of the Opera in the Rialto theatre in Toronto (1990??). My father bought me my own bar from the concession stand. The show was awesome anyway and from that moment forth I have been a chocolate lover.

  21. My favorite is their regular ol’ milk chocolate!

  22. I love the Dark Chocolate versions such as Excellence Chili.

  23. I love the plain chocolate more than any of theirs but wouldn’t say no to any of it :)

  24. Nicole Cooper says:

    I’m actually not sure what my favourite is since I havn’t tried them all :)… but I really love the dark chocolate ones in the dark blue wrappers <3...( )

  25. Rachel Wozney says:

    HOLY SMOKES I love Lindt. Do I have to pick just ONE favourite? I guess I’d have to go with their milk chocolate truffles… but that little tube you get with the festive special at Swiss Chalet is my fave. One of each truffle – how great is that? The chocolate shell is AMAZING, but when you bite in, and that velvety melty truffle centre hits your tongue?… HEAVEN. #PICKME #ILOVELINDT

  26. Anonymous says:

    The dark chocolate lindor truffles for sure.

  27. I love them all!! I think I may have tried them all, too!

  28. My mama loves Lindor….It always makes her smile.

  29. mmmmmmm hazelnut truffle, still one of the best!

  30. I love the dark chocolate Lindor balls…they are so yummy.

  31. Love this store !!! Great by giving all those Calender out :)

  32. Kerry Ryan says:

    Definetly the Christmas box with the mixed truffles that come with the festive special at Swiss Chalet (

  33. Chocolate chocolate I love all chocolate so does my family. There has been times that i just have to sneak and hide to enjoy a piece all by myself. That when i dont want to share.

  34. Chocolate I love all chocolate, i just dont like to share my chocolate. Sorry

  35. cheryl mclellan says:

    MMMMm, I like it all!!!!!! But if I had to decide I think it would be the bars..the milk chocolate with almonds. Soooo good!!!!

  36. I cant say I have a favourite! I would eat their chocolate any way I could have it, and would never turn one down!

  37. Holy crap! Pick me lol I’d share :)

  38. I love it all!!!!

  39. Anonymous says:

    I love the milk chocolate ones, perfect with a cup of tea!
    Maureen C.

  40. Anonymous says:

    There all amazing but the ones with the milk chocolate on the outside and white chocolate on the inside are amazing
    Alana H

  41. Yum! I don’t have a favourite Lindt… yet. I will be sure to pick a favourite WHEN I WIN THIS! :D

  42. Anonymous says:

    Why we need a Lindt store when basically every retailer, large or small, is drowning in Lindt chocolates…somehow baffles me. Did the Canadian army pay for it? Do they get anything out of it?

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