(Almost) Wordless Wednesday ~ My First #HFXTweetup

I need to get out more.  I think most parents of small children say that a LOT.  I had such a enjoyable time two weeks ago at my first #HFXTweetup, generously sponsored by elements on hollis (@elementshollis) and organized by the awesome and brand new second-time Mommy Lynette (@myweeview).

Red from Luckett Vineyards
Special Canapes, including my first Steak Tartare and mussels even I’d actually eat (and like!)
Perogies with BACON JAM and quark… yum squared.
Seafood Stew
Lamb like buttah, oh dear, this was good!
We even got a chance to talk with Chef Steven Galvin, new to Elements in the midst of a crazy busy evening.   Thank you Chef Steven!
The ever smiling Jose :)
Jose even snuck us into the neighbouring holiday dessert buffet…
Well hello there beautiful…

I hope to meet more of you at the next #HFXTweetup!


  1. says

    Oh wow, all of that food looks delicious. I just want to dive in and swim, with my mouth open, in that seafood stew. Don’t even get me started on how scrumptious those desserts look as well.

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