Marbled Candy Cane Bark

There’s just something about melting chocolate…  it’s aroma, it’s smoothness as it melts, once I start dipping and swirling it I can’t stop.
The only thing I can stress in this post is to use the chocolate that you love to eat.  Crappy chocolate equals crappy melted chocolate, and nobody wants that.  It was pretty hard for me to sacrifice my Green & Black’s Organic White with Madagascan Vanilla bar, but I knew it was for the better good.  If you like white chocolate, you have to try this… the little flecks of real vanilla take it over the top.  I also used some Callebaut Belgian Milk Chocolate for the bark… and then some dark for other dipping (again, once I started, I couldn’t stop).
While some people have great luck melting chocolate in the microwave, I prefer using a double boiler.  Luckily I have two of them, so I got both going at the same time.  I love watching how quickly good quality chocolate can melt and how glossy and smooth it is in it’s liquid form.
I found this crushed candy cane at the Bulk Barn.  I probably wouldn’t bother buying it again, not that there was anything wrong with it, but really… how hard is it to smash up a candy cane?  I stirred some of the candy cane into the melted milk chocolate, and then sprinkled some of the larger pieces over the finished swirled bark.
I know I skipped a few steps there, but there is nothing really to it… once the chocolate melts, pour it out onto some parchment paper and allow it to sit at room temperature until it has hardened again (could take most of the day), then break it into pieces.  Don’t like candy canes? Add in some nuts or almost anything… the sky is the limit.  I’ve even seen some Easter bark made with jelly beans – cute!
Once I finished making the bark, I melted some dark chocolate.  Along with some pretzels, I dipped some plastic spoons for a cute gift idea.
I bagged up some single servings of hot chocolate, put them in a treat bag along with an equal amount of chocolate covered spoons (some rolled in crushed candy cane as well) and some candy canes.  I tied them up with a festive ribbon and a gift tag and added them to my bake sale basket.
Somehow I didn’t get photos of the finished product, but picture the most crafty awesome thing you’ve ever seen on Pinterest and double it… that’s what I ended up with.
Now, go find some chocolate and melt it :)



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    You know I’ve never made candy bark! You are a girl after my own baking heart using this chocolate with vanilla beans in it! Your dipped spoons and pretzels is a lovely treat idea for gift giving…with the bark of course :)

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