Chai Banana Bread

I was thumbing through the current edition of Cooking Light magazine, and though everything looked amazing (or maybe I was just reallllly hungry, or both perhaps) the Chai Banana Bread jumped out and bit me right in the stomach.

This is such a moist, lightly spiced banana bread and a pleasant change from the norm with the chai spices and glazed top. Chelsea boo even dug right in to this one.

After selecting this recipe to make (sorry guys, I know you voted on the Banana French Toast, but the Chai sung to me!), baking it and even sampling a slice, I visited Matisse’s blog.  Matisse is the 11-year old food blogger who baked and tested this recipe out and has a recurring feature in Cooking Light called A Kid in the Kitchen… she’s also attempted Spaghetti Squash and Fish Tacos.  If you think that an 11-year old food blogger is amazing, that is but a small part of her incredible story.  There is a link to Matisse’s blog at the bottom of the recipe.

PS:  Matisse, I agree with your Mom & Spencer on this one :)


  1. Anonymous says

    I tried the recipe. It tasted like a low-fat recipe would – it was good but not fantastic like full fat recipes can be. :)I did love the glaze! I think I will try this again with a few tweaks such as replacing the eggs with bananas to get more of a banana flavour, using dark rum instead of vanilla (a personal favourite switch of mine!) and upping the spice a bit. I was expecting a stronger taste. All in all, not bad!

    • Cathleen says

      I use dark rum in place of vanilla way more than I like to admit! :)

      I did try my full fat, tried tested and true Banana Bread recipe and used the spices and glaze from the Chai Banana bread. The end result was interesting. I found the spices had dried out my usually moist banana bread a bit. Not so bad that it was uneatable but enough that if you had this recipe before you could see/feel and taste the difference. The actual spices in the bread were not as obvious as I was hoping. I had added chocolate chips (because what is banana bread without chocolate chips?) so there were competing flavours going on. The real chai flavour was in the glaze itself. Yummy but again competing flavours. IN the end, I decided the chai spices were a lovely variation to a good banana bread recipe. However, next time I would omit the chocolate chips and use pecans instead to better compliment the flavours.

    • Anonymous says

      I can see why adding chocolate chips would not work with the chai spices. I think I will try it full fat version with the chai additions

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