FFWD – Quatre-Quarts

Hooray!  This is my first French Fridays with Dorie post and I am incredibly excited to share.

I finally got off of my tookus a couple of weeks ago and ordered my own copy of Dorie Greenspan’s Around My French Table.  It arrived last Friday, and I signed up for FFWD as soon as I got back in the house.  I promptly made a cup of coffee, curled up in my favourite chair and fell in love within minutes.  Enough about my semi-creepy cookbook obsession though, on to this week’s selection…Quatre-Quarts.

Truthfully, even though I know some French, I had no idea what Quatre-Quarts was.  I was so pleased to find out it is simply a pound cake.  The name translates to English as ‘four quarters’, and that’s exactly what it is as the flour, butter, sugar and eggs are equal in mass.

Dories instructions (as always) were so easy to follow and made perfect sense.  My cake turned out perfectly as written, and I chose to use the vanilla flavouring option.  Even my (somewhat particular) father said that this one was a keeper, and our two and a half year old daughter thought it was the best thing ever on a Wednesday afternoon (and ran away with the piece in the photograph above less than a minute after I shot it).
I had made a batch of Meyer Lemon Curd last weekend (again, using Dorie’s recipe from this same cookbook) and I have to say a spoonful of that on a wedge of this, along with a cup of hot tea is pretty much as good as it gets.
I can’t wait to get started on next week’s selection!
We don’t post Dorie’s recipes on our blog posts, but we do encourage you to buy your own copy and cook your way through it with us.


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      If you are near a Costco they are selling them there in packages of 18. They stay fresh for months in the fridge. I will be posting my Meyer Lemon loaf cake on my blog: smooresinthekitchen.blogspot.com! and have posted my Pasta with Meyer Lemon sauce.

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    Welcome to FFwD! Even though I “sat out” this week I’m happy to read all the rave reviews on this cake. I am growing Meyer lemons in my backyard and mine are still not ready. I can’t wait until they are ready so I can make the lemon curd, preserve a few, etc.

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    Welcome to the group! I, too, have an unhealthy cookbook obsession. Could be worse. Shoes are way more expensive than books, right? That’s how I justify it.Your cake looks great, and I’m glad your daughter enjoyed it. I have a 2 yo who is a very picky eater. He wasn’t interested. Eye roll. :-)

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    I absolutely love that photo with the little hand sneaking a bite of the cake! Welcome to FFWD and I hope to see more of your cooking in weeks to come. Great choice to pair this cake with lemon curd.

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    Welcome aboard.
    Up here in the Northeast finding Meyer lemons is like hitting winning a lottery – you have to get lucky and hit the store on the right day at the right time and grab as much as you can because next time they won’t be there…
    Lovely pictures!

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    you and your “creepy cookbook obsession” fit right into our group! i think we are mostly all guilty of that one!! :) oooh lemon curd! your the first with that topping! its great to see all the different toppings!!

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    Not the only one with a creepy cookbook obsession. I’m right there with you! Welcome to the group. You’ll have fun. Great first post. I love the photo with your daughter stealing the cake!

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    Welcome to FFWD! I think that creepy cookbook obsession is something a lot of us resemble – you can’t have too many, and they are all unique on their own merit. The photo with your daughter stealing the cake is really adorable. Look forward to cooking with you this year!

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    Sorry I’m a little late but welcome to the FFWD group! You picked a great recipe to get started, I joined the group last March and this is one of my favorites. I just love a good simple cake recipe! Beautiful photos, love your site and look forward to your posts.

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