Easy Barbecued Ribs

I’ve never cooked ribs before.  It’s something I’ve left to the pros, like my favourite, favourite, favourite BBQ joint, Boneheads BBQ.  When we were out shopping Thursday night though, there was a pretty good deal on some small packs of pork back ribs, so I decided to give it a go.  Friday morning, I remembered that there was a barbecue rib recipe in my new America’s Test Kitchen Slow Cooker Revolution cookbook and I knew it was going to be what I used.  Like most good slow cooker recipes, this one does have a couple extra steps, but I loved that the extra steps were after the slow cooking, not before, because sometimes my cooking skills at 8 AM are not the sharpest.

Crock Pot Slow Cooker Barbecue Ribs
The original recipe is fairly large and should be made in a large oval slow cooker.  I scaled it down as I only bought 2 lbs of ribs and cooked them in my small round 3.5 quart slow cooker.  It served two rib-loving adults a reasonable portion without making pigs of ourselves (that would be some sort of weird cannibalism wouldn’t it?).  I tried the little one with them, but like 99% of the food I cook, I got a happy but firm ‘nope!’.  This is one time we were quite happy not to share.  I’ll put the full recipe quantities in parenthesis but the recipe is written with my adjustments.  You can use your own homemade barbecue sauce or your favourite store-bought. Since this was a last minute decision and I was short on time, I did use store bought with fantastic results.  Right now we have a Budweiser BBQ sauce from Costco on the go.
Easy Barbecued Ribs
  • 1.5 tbsp sweet paprika (3tbsp) (Edited Feb ’12 to say I’ve also used mild smoked paprika with fantastic results)
  • 1 tbsp light brown sugar, lightly packed (2 tbsp)
  • 1/8 tsp cayenne pepper (1/4 tsp)
  • S&P to taste (about 1 tsp each is what I used)
  • 2 lbs pork (baby) back ribs (6 lbs) – leave the membrane on the ribs to help hold them together
  • 1 cup barbecue sauce (3 cups)
  • Vegetable oil spray.
In a small bowl, mix together paprika, brown sugar, cayenne and S&P.  Rub this mixture all over both sides of your ribs well.  Arrange ribs in the slow cooker by standing them up against the wall of the stoneware pot, thicker side down and meaty side against the pot. Pour barbecue sauce over the ribs, cover and cook for 6-8 hours on low (I did 7 hours and they were perfect).


Now comes the only stove/oven work involved, we need to reduce the sauce and then brown the ribs under the broiler.  These steps are what turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, so don’t you dare skip them even if your ribs already look pretty good.  Once the initial slow cooking is done, very carefully (as they are tennnnderrrrr) remove the ribs to a baking pan which you have lined with foil and put a rack on (like in my photo collage), bone side up and set aside. Skim any fat that has risen to the top and strain all of the remaining juices from the slow cooker through a mesh strainer into a small saucepan. Bring to boil and allow to simmer and reduce by about a third, approximately 15 minutes.  Put your oven’s broiler on to preheat and make sure that there is an oven rack about 10 inches below the broiler element.  Once the broiler is preheated, brush the ribs with sauce and broil for 3 or 4 minutes. Take them out and very carefully flip them over, brush with sauce and broil again, meat side up, for approximately 9 minutes, taking them out once or twice (I did only once because I forgot) to baste with more sauce. Serve any remaining sauce on the side with the ribs.

Hubby loved these ribs so much he said now he knows what he’ll request when he is offered the meal of his choice… he normally has a hard time making up his mind when offered, so that really means something.


About Heather Nolan

Heather Nolan lives just outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia. She loves her lil' family, her cats, traveling, and creating in the kitchen. Her phone is often confused for a conjoined twin.


  1. Looks delicious, good job! I like the pic with the dry spice on, I’m a huge fan of dry spice on, ribs and wings included.

    I was always intimidated by making ribs. I decided to BBQ some baby back pork ribs a couple of months ago with some Southwest sizzle dry spice and a bit of Smokin Habanero BBQ sauce, I was surprised how well they turned out. I bet the Budweiser sauce was good. I think I may try some Jack Daniels sauce sometime too. Just like yourself, I usually leave that up to the pros – Boneheads. I love their brisket too, but I’m not sure if I’ll ever try that on my own.

    • Anonymous says:

      Here is an easy Brisket recipe: Purchase a large beef brisket, can of coke, and a bottle of Chili Sauce (find it near the catsup) Preheat oven to 265. I use my turkey pan to cook this in. Rub or spread the Chili Sauce over the top of the brisket. Put into pan and pour the coke into the bottom of the pan. Cover tightly with foil.
      I cook this at night and put it in the oven about 10:00 pm. By 6 or 6:30 AM, your brisket will be falling apart. Remove and cool then any fat can be removed. You can really season any way but the coke steams it so it is really tender. I then serve BBQ sauce on the side. I love any Baby Rays BBQ sauce with this. Enjoy!!!

  2. Mmm… brisket :) Speaking (even more) of Boneheads, I can’t wait to get my hands on some of that new Burnt Ends Poutine…

  3. Those look KILLER! Nom nom big time!

  4. They look absolutely delicious!!! I’ll have to try those :) yummm
    ps: I love you blog and your recipes are lovely!
    Definitelly added to my faves! x

  5. Hurmmm even better than finishing them in the oven I would think would be to finish them off on the BBQ….

    I like

  6. oh man. this looks so perfect i know i’ll be making them soooon.

  7. BBQ ribs, DELISH, so glad I found your blog = )

  8. Yum what a recipe! I am going to have to give this a try!

  9. Yummy!! need to grab some beers and get down on your ribs :) love the photos.

  10. These ribs look amazing. My son and son in law both think they make the best. Maybe now I can give them a run for their money. Looking forward to trying them.

  11. They’re in the Crockpot now… can’t wait till they are done!

  12. Wow! I can’t believe all of the awesome feedback I’m getting on these ribs! For those of you making them, the pics don’t lie… they taste THAT good :)

  13. Love the recipe and posted it on my community foodie blog. Hope you can come check it out at http://www.facebook.com/thefrenchiefoodie


  14. They look AMAZING!
    I definitely want to make them, but I’m a bit confused by one of the ingredients.

    1 cup BBQ sauce (3 cups)

    Which quantity is it? Did I miss something? Sorry to be obtuse!

    • Anonymous says:

      She made adjustments to the recipe making it smaller for just she and her husband. The items in () are the original amounts for the 6lbs of ribs not the 2lbs she cooked. =) Happy Cooking!

    • Anonymous says:

      The original recipie called for 6lbs of ribs… everything in the () is from the original recipie.

  15. The (3 Cups) is the full recipe. All the ingredients have been scaled down

  16. That’s right :) The original recipe was too big, so I wrote it as I scaled it down, but put the original amounts in parenthesis.

  17. It was delicious!!!! Thanks for the fabulous recipe!

  18. I’m so glad you enjoyed! I’m not a great follower of recipes, but I find with these America’s Test Kitchen recipes I do and am never sorry :)

  19. When do you remove the membrane?

  20. I actually had to look into that as ATK simply said to leave it. You actually can just leave it on. If you are grilling or smoking the ribs, you will get the most tender ribs by removing it prior to rubbing and cooking. My guess is that by slow cooking in liquid, even that part gets tender enough because it was very tricky for me to remove the ribs from the slow cooker without them falling apart… tenderness wasn’t an issue :) I even double checked my pics, there definitely was silverskin on them when I started.

  21. Found this recipe via Pinterst. It’s what’s for dinner tonight!

  22. I made these last night and they were AMAZING!!!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Are the paprika measurements reversed? is the 15tbsp supposed to be in parenthesis and you used 3tbsp?

  24. It’s actually 1.5 tbsp, the font is making it look like 15 a bit though :)

  25. I’m making these tomorrow and wanted to ask you a question. I imagine one cup of bbq sauce isn’t enough to fully submerge the ribs in liquid, is that ok? Do you have to flip them in the crock pot at all to get all the meat in the liquid? I hope it’s ok since I’ll be leaving these to cook all day while I’m at work. When they are done with the crock pot part, is it ok to leave them on the warm setting for a couple hours until it’s time to eat, or would you recommend taking them out and refrigerating them until dinner? Sorry for the super long post, I’m not very slow cooker experienced. Thank you for the recipe!

  26. Hi Molly :) You can just drizzle the sauce over the ribs… the rub is giving them the most flavour during the slow cooking I believe. I haven’t left them on warm yet, but if you set the slow cooker for the minimum time, they should be fine. They are tricky to get on to the baking sheet as they are so tender, but the warming feature shouldn’t cook them too much more (they might actually firm up?). Good luck! These are SO good :)

  27. Thanks for the prompt reply! The liquid question wasn’t so much about the flavor, I was just worried that the ribs that weren’t in liquid might burn. And that would be bad since they are cooking at home all by themselves while I’m at work right now! Hopefully I don’t burn down my house!

  28. Nope, they won’t burn :) The ribs render a lot of liquid as well while cooking. Your house is going to smell great when you get home… jealous!

  29. Thanks so much, I’ll let you know how they turn out!

  30. Oh oh… I didn’t hear back. I hope that means you are still just in a rib-coma :)

  31. These ribs are on tomorrows menu…. I was wandering about replacing the broil time with some grill time…. have you tried that? What’s your thoughts?

  32. Hi Donna :) I haven’t, but I know of people who have done that with this recipe with great results. As much as I enjoy grilling, I love how the broiler makes the top all evenly crusty… but I could be missing out.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Are the ribs frozen or thawed when you put them in the crockpot?

  34. They are fresh. If they were frozen, I’d either let them thaw completely in the fridge or partially enough so that they bend to fit around the slow cooker… and add some cooking time.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I have an oval roater(the 6 qt size) and want to use that. What temp would you set it on to be about the same as the slow cooker?

  36. I’ve never done it that way, but I just did a Google search and I found out that generally a slow cooker on low is approximately 200 degrees and high is 300 degrees. If it was me, I’d probably try 250 first, you want to get it up to a safe temperature fairly quickly.

  37. made these today… sooooooooooo good! Thanks!!!

  38. Wow…. SO good. First time cooking ribs and the slow cooker, and I don’t think we’ll do it any other way again! We finished them off on the grill instead of broiler, with excellent results. Thanks for such a delicious and easy recipe. :)

  39. Yay! More awesome results :) Now I need to try them on the grill… they are sooooo good as written, if they are even better grilled, I might develop a rib eating problem!

  40. Had the ribs tonight. They were yummy. So easy. I used to put them in the oven and finish on the grill, but this is so much easier. I didn’t have any cayenne pepper, and will definitely use that next time. Thanks again for sharing.

  41. Making these for dinner tonight. They look awesome!

  42. I’ve got these in the crockpot now, and some broccoli slaw in the fridge. Can’t wait!

  43. Anonymous says:

    These are as good as advertised! Grown ups and kids alike devoured them and raved about them. Finishing them in the broiler is magical. Thanks for the recipe!

  44. These looked so good that I wanted to make them as soon as I saw this. All I had though was chicken legs, so that’s what I went with. Prepared them the exact same way and they were a hit!

  45. Mmm, the chicken would be good too! I’ll have to try that :)

  46. These look amazing. Think they’d work with beef ribs? Hubby doesn’t eat pork :(

  47. I haven’t made beef ribs this way yet, but the technique would work I’m sure. The initial slow cooker time, I’m not sure of though :) Let me know!

  48. Made this yesterday and it was yummy! Thanks! I was (am) so proud of myself for tackling ribs! My 2-year old also loved them. I had to make him stop eating :)

  49. Well I am definitely jealous of you Patty! My 2 year old will eat about 5 things… I hope she knows what she’s missing :)

  50. My husband LOVES ribs so I have been cooking them for 5 hrs now. My house smells SO good, it’s making me so hungry. I can’t wait for dinner!! Thanks for the wonderful recipie

  51. Made these tonight and WOW were they fantastic! Thanks for the wonderful recipe–will definitely be making them again!

  52. I’m so glad that more and more people are trying ribs at home and finding they are easy and SO GOOD :)

  53. I’m actually making this now… I’m wondering to set my slow cooker to low or high…. ???

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  55. …. alright, disregard my last comment. Since then, I figured out the temperature situation. My family just ate in silence, and not only did all my children ask for THIRDS… but now my husband is passed out in rib-coma!! Thank you for sharing this amazing recipe.!

  56. Glad you figured it out! A rib-coma is a great coma to be in :D

  57. Hey. I have them in my crock pot now! I can not wait to try them tonight. I know my house will smell wonderful too!!

  58. I have them in the crock pot again today too! Almost time to get them out and start reducing the sauce :)

  59. mine are in the crock pot right now! I had this amazing thing of ribs in the freezer for too long because I was intimidated by the cooking process so was happy to Pinterest my way over here and see this!

  60. A whole lot of ribs being eaten today! Mine were excellent yet again, I think it’s a foolproof recipe :)

  61. turned out great!

  62. Awesome Laurie! I love to hear when people have great results :)

  63. Have these in my slow cooker as we speak. I added some honey to mine for some extra tangy! Can’t wait to try them.

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  65. They’re in the crockpot right now, I’ve been sneaking little bites here and there. I can’t believe how good they look/smell! I’ve always left the rib cooking to the men, but not anymore!

  66. Finally tried these tonight with the beef. They turned out great. My extremely picky husband even enthused about them. Thanks so much for this!

  67. When do you use the vegetable oil spray listed in the recipe?

  68. Hi Carol, I missed that I see… sorry. You can spray the rack that you put the ribs on to broil them with it.

  69. I haven’t tried with beef ribs yet… that’ll be next :)

  70. Hi!
    I’m actually about to cook these ribs today! :) I have a 5qt slow cooker so I was wondering how much BBQ sause I need!! Thank you for replying!

  71. They are in my crock pot right now! I can’t wait!

  72. Hi Iesha, sorry I didn’t check in sooner. It mainly depends on the amount of ribs. For 2 lbs of ribs, I use around 1 cup of sauce. You can multiply by pounds of ribs. It doesn’t matter with crock pot size though, there is more than enough liquid either way.

  73. Goosegirl, I hope you enjoyed! :D

  74. Goosegirl, I hope you enjoyed! :D

  75. If anyone sees this comment… Do I put my broiler on high or low? Those are the only temperature settings I have on my gas stove.

  76. I’m probably too late… I do mine on high.

  77. My husband said these were the best ribs he has ever had. He even told his mom that mine were better than hers! Definitely a keeper! Thank you.

  78. just made these and let me tell you they are easily the best ribs i have EVER had!! Thanks so much!!!

  79. That is so great to hear!

  80. i went out and bought a slow cooker yesterday, just so i could make these ribs! i’m going to start them tomorrow morning so i’ll let you know the verdict. fingers crossed…

  81. Woah! That’s dedication :) The slow cooker will be worth it for the ribs alone!

  82. it’s 6:21. i just excused myself from the table to rest. i’m going back in for seconds later on. my nine year old son who eats nothing but grilled cheese and pizza said he wanted to try them. that alone is a testament to how great the house smelled. said he “liked” them -that’s a BIG deal. and my eight year old rib aficionado declared them the best she’s ever had, and husband loves them too!

  83. This made my day! It gives me hope that one day my little one might actually ask to try something :)

    I’m so happy to hear they came out so great.

  84. I made these for my husband a couple of weeks ago and they were fabulous!!!! I changed some of the spices in the rub because I did not have the same seasons called for. But I making them again tonight by special request for the bowl game!! Thanks for a great easy recipe!! LOVE IT!!!

  85. Looking forward to trying these but 1 quick question, I have an oval roaster (5.5 qt) do I just lay these down or attempt to stand up? If laying them down, bone on top or meat? Also, the cayenne pepper (not a big fan) will it make it too “spicy”? Sorry for all the questions but really want to try these, hubby and daughter BIG rib fans.

  86. Gymnastmom, they aren’t too hot at all with the cayenne, not even at all. I’ve used my bigger oval slow cooker too, and I still stand them up. I haven’t done them laying down… it might make them too mushy to get out of the crock easily?

  87. These are my fiance’s absolute favorite. I’ve made this twice with the two person recipe that you gave. I’m trying it right now in my huge crock pot with the larger portions. I guesstimated on some of the measurements, but I just wanted to say thanks for posting this!!

  88. These were not easier than my normal oven recipe. However, they sure did taste a ton better. Thanks!

  89. Slow cooker. Ribs. Two things that make me so happy! I have yet to make my own ribs, but this recipe looks like I need to try it!

  90. Perfect Teacher Mama! Jenny, if you make these your first time like I did, people will flock to you!

  91. This is my very first time making ribs and I am so very excited! I just put them in the crock pot; I’ll come back with final results but I’m pretty confident they will be terrific! Thanks for the recipe!

  92. Success!!! I am making these again tomorrow, no joke, because our house is officially the rib crib!!

  93. Joanna, I’m so pumped to hear that you are going to make them again tomorrow! I bet rib sales have increased over the past six months :)

  94. Anonymous says:

    these look amazing! but i don’t eat pork, can i use something else?

  95. Just made this! it was a big hit! Im trying to think of something I would change but nope….it’s great just the way it is :)well maybe next time I will add another spice to the dry rub…not sure which one….thats all I got! LOL…they were soo good!! Thank you for sharing.

  96. Oh MY GOSH – just fixed this and my family is RAVING. It was so easy and I don’t think I’ve ever had such tender and flavorful ribs. Thank you so much for sharing!
    Lacy in TX

  97. Rhonda….made these for supper tonight! AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing!

  98. Ribtastic! (hehe)

  99. I have not been able to find sweet paprika, only regular paprika and smoked paprika. Where do you get it and can it be substituted with something else?? Thanks!

  100. I just made these for my hubby and three kids, one is 3yrs and the others are 2yr old twins. I was absolutely in heaven and my kids kept asking for more! My hubby thinks Im a rock star now too, thanks to you. These ribs are incredible! Thanks for sharing your recipe!

  101. Going to throw these on today. I’ll admit I’m pretty excited. I also found it amusing to notice the Boneheads reference and discover I ended up on a local blogger’s page. Thanks Heather!

  102. I have been able to make descent ribs in the past but I usually also leave it to the professionals. Yours look so good I may have to try it once again. Thanks for sharing.

  103. making these now and I am super excited to see how they turn out considering all the fab reviews! Thanks for sharing the recipe. I do have two questions though… I know this was covered in a earlier response but there doesnt have to be any liquid in the slow cooker right? I poured the bbq sauce on the ribs but its rather thick so just wanted to make sure that was ok. Also how did you get the ribs to stay up against the sides? I have a large slow cooker and they keep falling down. Thanks!

    • No more liquid… the ribs will give off lots :) As for falling down… do the best you can. I used a smaller slow cooker, but maybe put a potato or two in to prop them up? Even if they fall down, I can’t see a problem, just be careful taking them out.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think I’ll eat the potato too …. side dish

  104. Anonymous says:

    I made these tonight for dinner. Everyone LOVED them!!! Hubs said his rib bbqing days are over!!!!! Thank you sooo much for this wonderful recipe!

  105. Hi! I am currently making these right now and about to head to work but I’m confused about one thing – the part after the crockpot! You mention to “reduce the sauce” and it looks like in your pictures you have something in a saucepan. I don’t see anywhere in the instructions anything about that so I need help! All I’ve done thus far is place the ribs in the crock pot with the rub and the bbq sauce and set it on low! :)

    • Hi Annie, it is up there in the instructions, “Skim any fat that has risen to the top and strain all of the remaining juices from the slow cooker through a mesh strainer into a small saucepan. Bring to boil and allow to simmer and reduce by about a third, approximately 15 minutes.” Hope that helps :)

  106. Anonymous says:

    WOW! I just finished eating this and YUMMY! So, so easy. I did not use the rub recipe, I was after the method. Next go ’round I will be trying the rub. I mixed a combo of Sweet Baby Rays (my fav) with some Stubbs Spicy sauce and this was fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  107. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had this recipe saved for about a month now but just finally bought some ribs to try it with. Going to put them on in the morning but the more I look at the pictures, the more I want to start them now and have them for breakfast!!! Can’t wait for tomorrow evening to get here!

  108. WOW! Thanks, I cannot wait to make this recipe. I’ve always slow cooked in the oven for hours, then in a smoker then on the grill…can’t leave the house with the oven on…Crock Pot ribs…GENIUS! I’ll make them this weekend, and go shopping while they slow cook away.

  109. Anonymous says:

    I thought the broiler time was a little too long. Mine came out quite crisp and I didn’t leave the meat side in longer than 4 minutes.

  110. Anonymous says:

    These were delicious! My husband was so suprised that I could make ribs that tasted soooo good. My two year old that doesn’t eat anything ate three! Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  111. Anonymous says:

    This was delicious!!!! I doctored the recipe a little bit because my family likes SUPER scpicy everything…..but these were SOOOOO good and the last step is REALLY a must! Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe! I will now have to try all your recipes!!!!

  112. Anonymous says:

    I’m going to try using beef ribs. I’ll let you know how it comes out.

  113. *burp* Oh, pardon me! But, they were DEELISH!

  114. Made these today. My hubby kept trying to sneak a bite when I wasn’t looking. I decided to finish them on the grill. I am always looking for an opportunity to take the grill cover off. However, I basted the bottom part and cooked them, then turned them over to baste the top, annnnnndddd I ran out of gas. So, I went to finish them under the broiler and my hubby couldn’t wait. So, he eat them that way, despite my protests. He agreed that next time he’ll let me finish them. He said they were waaaaay better than any restaurant’s that he’s had!!! Great recipe and so easy!!!!

  115. I made these for my family today. 2 full slabs of ribs. The sauce did not thicken up when i reduced it, but they turned out soooo good. There were only 4 ribs left! Amazing recipe!

  116. Anonymous says:

    I made some last week by same method…very , very happy with results and I threw my washed, foil wrapped potatoes in the pot with them and had perfect baked potatoes to go with..I did not put any sauce or liquid into my slow cooker with the meat, simply used my rub and then sauced under broiler for about 5 minutes.

  117. Anonymous says:

    Could these be done with boneless Southern style ribs?

  118. Anonymous says:

    What if I only have paprika not sweet paprika?

  119. My girlfriend got me to sign up on Pinterst and I seen a picture of the ribs. I make some pretty mean ribs on the grill if I must say but these looked so easy. This morning baby backs went on sale and I couldn’t wait. They are in the crockpot now!

  120. Eating them right now! My boyfriend said “God damn these ribs are delicious! Great recipe, will eat again, a++++.” They are amazing! Thank you for the recipe.

  121. Anonymous says:

    Bought some ribs today and they are all spiced up sitting in the fridge , will put these on in the morning . i must say that i have 2 smokers in the back yard but this seems to good not to try , i will follow up tomo..

    • well the dishes are done and not a left over in the house. i have been smoking ribs over charcoal , over wood , and in a propane smoker , nothing compares. i cook between 40-50 racks of ribs over a summer in the smoker , i will be changing my ways. the broiler part is the most important , thank you…3cs

    • Now THAT is some high praise! I’m so glad to hear you had fantastic results :D

  122. The ribs were really good! I cooked them for 6.5 hours and the only problem I had was they fell apart. I wanted to grill them at the end but I couldn’t so I laid them on a cookie tray, cooked the drippings down as the recipe said and basted them. They were really good but I would probably cook them less to keep them together more. Thank you for the recipe!

  123. You had some tender ribs! I’ve found differences between batches… sometimes they are very very tender, and other times just right. When broiling them they don’t have to be moved around as much as grilling them, and it firms them up some.

    No wonder I keep making these, I`m always reading comments that make me drool :)

  124. This may be a very silly question so I apologize ahead of time, but I’m confused by all the different measurements : ( Please explain. Thanks!

  125. I cooked these ribs today they are so tender and very tasty! This recipe is a winner and it’s going in the dinner rotation! Thanks for sharing!

  126. Think I’m going to try these with some lamb and beef ribs that are in my freezer….will let you know how they turn out!!!

  127. Anonymous says:

    I just could not resist when I saw this picture!! Ribs have been in the slow cooker since 11am!! Can’t wait for dinnertime!! :)

  128. Anonymous says:

    Mine are in the crock pot right now but I was looking at an earlier post and I used smoked paprika and about a cup and a half too much BBQ sauce did I ruin them? It’s my first time w ribs so any tips on saving them would be much appreciated:)

    • I haven’t tried with smoked paprika so not sure there, who knows… maybe better? :) As for the bbq sauce, still just reduce it down, you’ll just have extra.

  129. THESE LOOK DELICIOUS! can’t wait to try them!

  130. Made these today, first ribs I EVER made…I cooked in crock pot for 6 hours, problem was they were already falling off the bone so it made broiling a little cumbersome. Additionally, couldn’t get the sauce to thicken (reduce) in over 15 mins…now for the good news…the meat was super flavorful and we really enjoyed them. Thanks so much for sharing!

  131. Anonymous says:

    This were a great Superbowl meal! Most tender ribs I have made. No leftovers at our house!

  132. Made these tonight and they were GREAT! Hubby <3 them!! Posting this on my pinterest recipe board. THANK YOU for this!

  133. Anonymous says:

    This recipe works well with beef ribs. We had them tonight and they were delicious!!

  134. These are in the crockpot now and it is killing me to wait for them to finish. The house smells awesome. They were super easy to put together this morning. I am looking forward to seeing my husband and oldest daughters reaction tonight when they try them. They are my rib fans. Thank you for an awesome recipe.

  135. I have made these a few times, and they are delicious! I buy about 6 lbs at costco and cook them in my oval 7 qt. crock pot.
    I love to use the Smoky South African seasoning blend (in a grinder) from Trader Joe’s and Maple Sugar (I picked up in Napa) as my dry rub.
    I add a little BBQ sauce the last 2 hours.

  136. Hands down, best ribs ever!

  137. Making a version of these for my man on vday! Thanks

  138. I read through every post looking to see if anyone had tried the country-style ribs…seeing there was only one and you responded that you hadn’t tried them…I will try it tomorrow as I got a great deal on the ribs and bought a huge pack. I will be sure to let you know how they turn out.

    • I only could find the country style ribs when I went to the store the other day, so I was planning on trying them as well tomorrow. How did your’s turn out?

    • I’m curious too! I’m sure they are great! If I remember right, they are a bit meatier and maybe a bit fattier? I swear you could do any meat with this technique and get excellent results. I know I’ve done back ribs and side (spare) ribs and others have done beef ribs… all were great.

    • They were AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next time I will have to smush them down so they are completely covered…the couple inches that were above the sauce (after they cook for a while) was just a little less juicy…other than that…AMAZING!!!

  139. My mom bought me a crock pot last week and this was the first thing that i made! I have never used a crock pot before and am not much of a cook at all, but they turned out amazing!!! Super simple! Love them!

  140. I made these the other night for Valentine’s day dinner for my boyfriend. we LOVED them!!! all we said throughout dinner was “mmmmmm! these ribs are sooo good!” Thanks for sharing!!!

  141. omg, I have never liked ribs but cooked these for my 4 boys. Well I could not get enough of these! Best recipe ever. Thank you!

  142. My oldest son ask for ribs, went looking for a easy recipe and found this one made 3 racks but only 2.5 would fit in crock so i put the rest in the oven at 250 the ones out of the crock were to die for the ones out of the oven were so so. The Boys, two 18yrs and a 17yr. has said this is the only way to fix ribs from now on. This recipe will differently get them home from college on the weekends. they said this is a six star recipe.

    • That is awesome! We just bought about 15 lbs of back ribs and put them in the freezer as we all have colds… but I cannot WAIT to make another batch. I was tempted to try an all oven recipe too… but now I think I’ll stick with perfection :)

    • I was just wondering about doing these in the oven. Made a batch a little while ago in the crockpot and OHHHHHH MYYYYYY….seriously the best ribs I’ve ever made. However, I have company coming over and all of the ribs won’t fit in my crockpots so am wondering how else to do them? Any ideas?

    • I did them since then this way… I was just wondering about doing these in the oven. Hubby didn’t think they were quite up to slow cooker, but I liked ‘em :) http://www.mmmisformommy.com/2012/07/2-hour-whiskey-dijon-bbq-ribs.html (basically they were steamed in the oven first).

      • Pat Johnson says:

        Can anyone help a useless Brit. please? Not a problem with the BBQ sauces you mention although we don’t have most of them over the pond. We do have our own and I have a wonderful home made recipe that is easy and delicious. My own method of doing ribs has always been to preboil them in a large covered saucepan on the hob and then smother them in the sauce and roast in the oven on a fairly high heat for about 30 minutes. NOW I want to try your method in the slow cooker BUT I have absolutely no idea what Broil means????? I have an electric fan-assisted oven with a not very effective grill element in the top of the cooking compartment…………… HELP please.

        • Broil sounds like your not very effective grill element. When I broil, it goes on the top rack of the oven, door cracked and a very high heat comes from the top element only… it makes it bubbly and browned very quickly. Having a convection fan in your oven should help even if your broiler element doesn’t work the best :)

          Hope that helps :)

  143. I love ribs but haven’t ever found a recipe I like as I like fall off the bones ribs. I have the ribs in my crockpot now and can’t wait until 7 to try them. thank you so much for sharing this recipe and I will let you know what I along with my 5 daughters think:)

  144. WOW!!! Just made these for dinner and my family LOVED them! Thank you!!

  145. Hi I am wondering if I could let them cook on high for about 3-4 hours, I am running out of time today!

    • I haven’t done them that way yet myself, I think the longer, slower makes for a more tender rib, but not sure how big your difference will be… let us know :)

  146. My house smells wonderful and I’m just about to pop some corn bread in the oven to eat with our ribs (I’m making myself wait until I reduce the sauce and let them do their final broil before I try some). Thanks so much for posting such an easy to understand way to make ribs!

  147. Your recipe is SUPER easy and super delicious! This is the BEST recipe we’ve found and our 2 yr-old & 4 yr-old kept asking for more! Thank you for sharing your recipe!

  148. I am so anxious to try this recipe, but I have never cooked ribs before and I don’t have a rack for a baking pan. What’s the purpose of the rack and do you think I can just put them on a foil-lined cookie sheet?

  149. Made these ribs last night and they turned out great. I like the idea of using a store bought BBQ sauce, we used Diana’s. Perhaps I’ll try something different next time (and there will definitely be a next time).

  150. Laura, the rack will allow extra fat/moisture to drip past and allow the ribs to get a nice crust :)

    It’s a regular cookie-cooling rack…so you can always make some cookies too ;)

    • Thanks, I looked online last night and saw that you can actually buy racks separately…so now I need to buy one! I’m hoping to make these in a week or so, just bought some ribs today!! :o)

  151. YUM! Stopped by your blog to get the ingredient list! Gonna make these this week thank you :)

  152. Ok.. maybe I’m missing something or it’s just late and I can’t think straight.. what is S&P? I’m wanting to add this to recipes to try soon and I got no clue!

  153. I made your ribs today and i have to thank you for the best ribs we have ever eaten …my family and i thank you …i have been craving them after seeing your photo on pintrest but it took meawhile to find some ribs …us Aussies must love ribs as much as you americans do …after 5 butcher shops i eventually found them in our local supermarket …. my kids have told me that every friday night has to be rib night now …thanks again for sharing you ribs with us …Kerrie Gurney Brisbane Australia

  154. ooops i forgot to add …it took me a bit to work out what broil was …☺ we just say grill here

  155. Anonymous says:

    I’ve made this before and it’s a favorite of my hubby. I slightly changed the recipe to our tastes but the concept (slow cooker then broiler) is a winner. Thanks for posting this- Today show took the recipe down.

  156. Anonymous says:

    These are restaurant good! My boyfriend loved them. I’m making them for his birthday dinner today. Thanks!

  157. Anonymous says:

    I made these last night. the first time i ever made ribs… this is a keeper! Thank you so much for posting!

  158. Anonymous says:

    I’m curious what to do if I don’t have an oven rack that far below element. I have one of those double ovens with the small top oven/broiler. Suggestions for how to change time, or do I just watch the heck out of it so it doesn’t burn?

    • I’d put it as far away as possible and just watch for burning… a bit is good…too much, not so good ;)

    • I have one of those ovens also(propane) and was wondering the same thing. I think I will put mine in the top on low broil and watch them the heck out of them! haha:)

  159. Anonymous says:

    I made this last night and all I can is WOW! My husband loved it and he is a VERY picky BBQ rib eater. I tried asking him what he thought of during the meal and he just kept on eating and licking his fingers! He even requested that I make this weekly…thanks so much for the recipe!

  160. Anonymous says:

    Awesome recipe! I found this on pinterest and decided to make it for dinner. My hubs and I LOVED it, as did our neighbors, who popped by after their own dinner. Simple and delicious. Thanks!

  161. Awesome, found this on Pinterest and am also in the Halifax area. Love Boneheads! Can’t wait to try this!

  162. Anonymous says:

    I make these ribs about twice a month per my husbands request. Before I found this recipe I was very intimidated about make ribs. When using this recipe the ribs come out fall off the bone tender and so delicous! Thank you so much for posting this recipe :)

  163. I had western style pork ribs so I put 4 large ones in the crockpot using this recipe. Looking forward to see how they turn out! Found on Pinterest.

  164. I mean 8, haha:)

    • Doesn’t work so well with the western style ribs I had. Will try with a rack next time. Good flavor anyway:)

  165. Anonymous says:

    sounds great….making them tomorrow! can’t wait!

  166. I’ve decided the sauce is key. Broiling was magical, meat was juicy and falling off the bone. But the sauce? We must’ve had a really boring and stubborn sauce because I just could not, for the life of me, reduce it or taste it. I’m determined to make this work!

    • I do like a nice, thick molasses based sauce. For store-bought I’ve used the Budweiser, Bulls Eye and now KC Masterpiece, they reduce nicely (I let it boil away for 20 minutes or so). The bbq sauce reduced with the rib drippings is amazing! Keep trying!

  167. So delicious, thank you! The everyone except the 4 and under crowd loved them. :)

  168. YUM! BBQ is one of my husband’s favorites! I plan to make this sometime! Pinned this one for sure. Thanks!

  169. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Just cooked and ate mine. That was the easiest rib recipe ever and they were delicious. We even have enough for leftovers tomorrow. Thanks for the recipe.

  170. Anonymous says:

    I made these ribs tonight and they were fabulous but some of mine were a little dry on the inside, they fell right of the bone but I was disappointed how dry some of them were. Any suggestions? Thank you

  171. So awesome!!!! I thought making ribs would be hard. These are totally easy and melt in your mouth awesome. I can now say that I can make better ribs than some restaurants.

  172. What if my oven doesnt have a broiler? what is another option other than putting them on the grill? Thanks

  173. Anonymous says:

    I’m really excited to make these for company and have a silly question! Because I won’t be able to have them all against the wall of the crock pot, can I just stand them all up the best I can!?
    Thanks so much! Keep you posted on how they turn out!

  174. Anonymous says:

    Hi there! I am going to make these for company, and am curious; because ill be making alot, can I just do my best to stand them up in the crockpot (jam ‘em in there) or do they need to all be up against the wall?
    Thanks! Silly question i know…

    • Fit as many as you can up that way :) I know some folks have just laid them down too… If it’s really full they just might need some more time, or maybe rotate after 2 hours, just so the outside ones don’t get too much ahead?

  175. Alright, attempting them a second time with Sweet Baby Ray’s honey BBQ sauce instead of the first one we tried. So far it does smell a ton more flavorful. I’ll let you known in about 4 hours how they are!

    • Attempting to reduce now.. I wonder if I’m having problems because of how greasy/oily my ribs are.

    • Hmmm, if they are really greasy, I’d let the liquid sit longer so you could skim more of it off. Maybe try a wider-based pan so you can get a good simmer on. I’ve let mine go at least 20 minutes in the past at pretty much a full boil.

  176. I am makingg these tomorroww I have never had ribs in the slow cookerr boyfriendd has so I am excitedd and these look delishh!! One question I don’t have a rack to put them on to put in the oven..what do you suggest I do?! :)

    • Hmm, well I use the same rack I cool cookies, muffins, etc. on, so the first thing I’d suggest is get one, it’ll last forever and can be used for a gazillion things. But if no, then hmmm I’d probably just lay them on the oil-sprayed foil.

  177. I think I might just get one!! Not making them tonightt..mondayy night it is I will let you know how they turn out! Thanks a ton! And one other question will a rib rub bought from store work as well as the brown sugar paprika and cayenne?! Just got a new one!

  178. In the process of makingg it noww!!

  179. Found you on Pinterest–we are big America’s Test Kitchen fans. Made these for dinner tonight and got two thumbs up from all of us. (Okay, my 21 month old said he DIDN’T like them, but he says “No,” to everything. He ate them all and asked for “Me” (more) so I think he’s lying.) Thanks for the recipe!

  180. I was just told by my fiance as he leaned over my shoulder to see why I was looking up ribs, “You better not even think you can make better BBQ ribs than me!” Oh No He Didn’t!!! I’m SOOOO trying this recipe now! It looks so good and I’m all for the crock pot! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  181. Hi Heather, I just tried your ribs the other night, and they were SOOOOOOOOOO good! Going to try them again this weekend. Great recipes!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!

  182. Anonymous says:

    I discovered this recipe on pinterest and knew I had to try it. My husband doesn’t like ribs (too messy and he has an issue with any food that has bones in it, weird, I know), but he LOVED these. I told him that was a good thing because I was going to make them again whether he liked them or not. These were great! I put the rub on the ribs the night before, and I misread the recipe and didn’t add bbq sauce to the crockpot at all. I added the liquid from the crockpot to a saucepan and then added the bbq sauce and let it boil down. It was amazing, thank you so much!

  183. Anonymous says:

    Is it 2 lbs of ribs or 6 lbs of ribs for this recipe?

  184. I have a big crock pot and a large family should i start by putting them around the outside and then fill them in so the crock pot would be fuller? i dont know if that was a good explanation? i might have more than would just fit around the outside of the crock pot?

  185. Oh so perfect for these great sunny days I’m getting lately in the PNW. Thanks for the recipe! I’m thinking this is going to happen for sure over Memorial Day weekend.

  186. Anonymous says:

    I noticed that you said to leave the membrane on. Do you remove it later? I am worried that the membrane will make it tough.

    • They’ll be anything but tough. With this method, you literally wouldn’t be able to get them out of the crockpot if the membrane was removed :)

  187. Anonymous says:

    Made these tonight. Only differences were that I baked them for about 30 minutes (to drain a bit of excess fat) before they went into the slow cooker, and then 7 hrs later put them under the grill to see if they would crisp a little – which they did. Divine!

  188. Anonymous says:

    I’m a vegetarian and hate to cook meat. I made these for my husband and he LOVED them. He did the last part for me (the broiling)
    I’m making them again today for my mother and sister-in-law. Hope they love it as much as he did. This was super easy and I am NOT a cook! :)

  189. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for pining this on Pinterest. Just the picture alone makes my mouth water. I used to boil my ribs for at least an hour before putting them on the BBQ. Makes so much more sense to slow cook in the crockpot with just the bbq sauce, so it retains the taste. I tried it last weekend and it was fab, doing it again tomorrow. My meat is all dressed with the rubs and sauce, waiting to be cooked and BBQ tomorrow Sunday. Thanks again for this awesome summer party dish.

  190. I live the looks of this recipe! I can’t wait to make this for my husband and my kids! They will love it I already can tell!

  191. Kortney says:

    Sorry never got to post how the ribs turned out..they were fabulous!! Sooo juicyyy and falling of the bone!! Boyfriendd LOVEDDD them!!! I am makingg them againn tonight :) Cantt Waitr :) yummmmm

  192. Anonymous says:

    Going to try these tomorrow. Eeek, so excited :)

  193. Anonymous says:

    I use this same method – it also works well after cooking in crock pot let cool put in foil and put in fridge. When ready to use (i have waited up to 2 days) reheat on grill – fall apart ribs everytime.

  194. Anonymous says:

    These were delicious! I had never attempted ribs before but these were easy enough. My husband devoured them. Thanks so much for sharing this delicious recipe!

  195. What a fabulous, fabulous recipe!!!! Loved it! I am definitely going to try these, bookmarking them. Like you, I have never cooked ribs from scratch either. The closest I got to cooking them at home was to buy the readymade ones, and broil them, adjusting the seasoning here and there. These look perfect! Yummm! I want to eat them now.

  196. Jessica says:

    So delicious, this was my first attempt at ribs. My brother usually does the rib cooking when ribs appear. This made my husband do a little dance in his chair after his first bite. He was very skeptical, and this will be a safely kept recipe to make sure I can make them just the same over and over! Thank you thank you thank you!

  197. Anonymous says:

    Omg! Fabulous! Easy and awesomeness all wrapped up in one!!!

  198. I saw this on Pinterest and had to try it. We were not disappointed! I had to make some substitutions(regular paprika and chili pepper)but the taste was still great.Thanks for posting it.

  199. Anonymous says:

    I don’t normally comment on these, but holy cow! I made these for the first time for Valentine’s day, I thought my boyfriend was going to propose right there at the table, he said they were better than any restaurant!! I make these once a month and they are delicious and so easy every time!! Thank you for the recipe!

  200. Anonymous says:

    Second time making these ribs per my 17 year old sons request! They are amazing!!!

  201. We had these tonight for dinner. They were amazingly yummy!!! We will be having them regularly form now on!!! Found on Pinterest.

  202. I have these in the crock pot right now, but once I put the BBQ sauce on, one rack of the ribs would not stand up, at all! Is it ok to lay this one on the bottom in the middle?

  203. I have these in the crock pot right now. But after I put the BBQ sauce on, one rack of ribs would not stand up straight against the pot. Is it ok to lay this one on the bottom of the pot in the middle?

  204. They are just about to come out of the oven from the broiler and it’s been hard to wait all this time. They are incredible (I tasted a piece that fell off :) ) Anyway, thanks so much!!

  205. It’s been hard to wait until their done but I did taste a tiny piece and they are awesome. Waiting for them to finish under the broiler has been challenging. Thanks so much!

  206. Shelley Evers says:

    Made these today – AWESOME! Finished them on the grill, easy and soooooo good!

  207. In the crock pot now :) already smells amazing! I put them on high for the first couple hours bc I got a late start but I’m going to turn them down to low momentarily! I’m so excited for them, I’ve always left ribs to the guys!

  208. Made these for dinner yesterday and they were a hit!

  209. Made these for dinner last night and they were so good!!

  210. I have a bit of a dumb question, do you use any particular bbq sauce? We aren’t really bbq sauce fans so I don’t have any at home. But I’ll buy some for this recipe and wanted to know which one you used so I can just buy the same one.

    • I’ve used quite a few now…it would be a personal preference, but I like the smoky, molasses-based sauces. I’m currently using KC Masterpiece that I got at Costco. I’ve used Bulls Eye as well, and also a Budweiser BBQ Sauce (again that I got from Costco). You can always make your own as well :)

  211. Anonymous says:

    Made these for dinner tonight – excellent!!! Since we have 2 crockpots, I tried it with two different sauces – Sticky Fingers Memphis and Sticky Fingers Carolina. Both equally moist and delicious!!! Will use this recipe again and again!

  212. I have these in the Slow Cooker, now! I am super-excited, especially after reading everyone’s praises about how great it is! I am fairly new to my slow-cooker & have never attemped to make ribs before. Found you on Pinterest, btw. Hope my hubby & the kids are impressed with me…

  213. I only have regular paprika, will that work?

  214. I’m a little confused, sorry. What is the purpose of skimming the fat and boiling the juices? Does that go back in the ribs? Do you put any water in with the ribs,must just meat when you started it in the crockpot? Thanks!

    • The ribs give off a lot of juice (and fat) while cooking. Reducing this liquid down makes the most flavourful bbq sauce ever and you use it to baste them while broiling.

  215. This was the perfect way to use some spare ribs and country style ribs I had in the freezer from the farm where we get our meat…I’m not a big barbecue fan normally, but I loved the meltingly soft texture achieved by using the crockpot method, with the country-style ribs in particular. Thanks!

  216. These have been in my crockpot for 6 hours and 45 mins now. I’ve had neighbors in my apartment complex asking me what I was cooking all day long because it’s wafting into the hallway. I don’t know if I’ll be able to wait another half hour to eat these! I’m so glad I pinned this recipe on Pinterest. I’ll let you know how they turn out!

  217. kids LOVED this recipe!!! I added 2 tsp of worcestershire sauce to the dry mixture & used chili powder as i didn’t have cayenne powder. I didn’t do the broiler step at all. Served directly from crockpot. (used larger measurements in ()…)

  218. kids LOVED this recipe!!! I added 2 tsp of worcestershire sauce to the dry mixture & used chili powder as i didn’t have cayenne powder. I didn’t do the broiler step at all. Served directly from crockpot. (used larger measurements in ()…)

  219. I swear i post a million recipes from pinterest to try…a couple good…a couple not so much…reading the comments on your blog….idont see how i could go wrong! My fiance will only eat ribs from one restaurant, no other because they are just not great. I am making these with cheesy potato slices with chipotle ranch dip. Hoping it turns out great.

  220. These certainly look tasty.

  221. I made these tonight and they were awesome! My husband loved them! Thanks for the recipe!

  222. This sounds so delicious…I was thinking of using this for pulled pork sandwiches…do you think there would be any adjustments to the measurements….for the full recipe? I have to feed 30 people….:-)

  223. I am wanting to try this recipe for pulled pork sandwiches, do you think that would work? Any changes? is the full recipe good enough or do you think I need to double it…feeding 30 people…:-) THIS LOOK SOOOOOOOO GOOD!

  224. Anonymous says:

    Had these Ribs tonight and needless to say I will never go out again for ribs, simply wonderful. Next time I make these I’m going add little more hot pepper to mine, we like them hot. Best ever Thank You so much : )

  225. Made these for dinner last night. They were GREAT!

  226. I made these last night with boneless spare ribs. So for those of you that are unsure on how they turn out, i have 3 words- ah-maz-ing!!! I’m not a rib person, but I will definitely be making these again next week! Only thing is that I had to reduce the time for the broiler; about 4 mins in they were “charcoal” as the b.f. put it, but once he tasted them, he was amazed at how delicious, flavorful and tender they were!!! Made these with homemade mashed potatoes and some peas and it was a hit.

  227. I thought these were amazing. My husband liked them, but not as well as my usual method (steam low and slow in the oven, then finish on the grill). Might cut the slow-cooker time to six hours, because I definitely will be making them this way again.

  228. I loved these. My husband enjoyed them, but said he prefers my usual preparation method (steam low and slow in the oven for a few hours, then finish on the grill). Maybe I’ll cut the slow-cooker time to six hours next time I make them this way, because I will use this recipe again.

  229. Thank you for sharing this! … Would you mind sharing the original recipe that uses the large oval crockpot … the oval one is all I have and even though there is only the two of us, I would like to include some of these for my freezer stash … thanks! Kathy

  230. Hi there, I can’t reply to comments right now so I hope you see this :) The original recipe amounts are written in the recipe in parenthesis.

  231. I am a pork spare rib fanatic! But I have to say, I can not ever bake or slow cook ribs. It’s sacrilege. They HAVE to be cooked slowly over a charcoal grill to bring out the best flavor. Believe me, you’re cheating yourselves taking shortcuts.

  232. Oh my goodness, these are AMAZING!

  233. Anonymous says:

    I’ve made these ribs twice now. THANK YOU. So good!

  234. Anonymous says:

    Wow made these today..it was the first time I had made or eaten ribs but saw your post on Pinterest and had to try them as they looked so delicious….7 hrs was perfect…had the same problem as some others where the sauce would not cook down so I mixed 1 heaping tblsp of cornstarch and just enough water to desolve it…brought the sauce to a full boil then added the cornstarch mixture and it thickened no problem and never affected the taste of the sauce..was well worth the extra time it took with the broiler..Will definately make these again.. My son inlaw says his are good but these are better.. Thanks for the recipe..

  235. Anonymous says:

    I wrote a hint on thickening the sauce but do not see it :(

  236. My husband and I just made these for dinner and they were FANTASTIC. We’re never BBQing ribs again. We both agreed that these are the best ribs either of us had. Thank you for sharing! Found you on Pinterest btw.

  237. I just put these in the pot… no one ever mentions ask… high or low? Does it matter? I would guess high for like 5-6 hours… low for 7-8 hours?

  238. Did you put these in the crock pot on high or low for 7 hours?

  239. I can’t reply directly to your comment as there are too many and it locks up… but it is on low (it does say so up in the instructions ;) ) If you were low on time and started them on high then turned them down, all good.

  240. Anonymous says:


  241. I love meat so baked

  242. I have these ribs in the crock pot now.

    I encountered a couple of problems along the way, however.

    The first was, when reading through the recipe, I can’t find where the vegetable spray is used. What am I missing?

    The second problem was when I went to put my ribs into the crock pot and discovered that my crock pot is not tall enough for the ribs to stand up (the lid wouldn’t have gone on). I ended up having to cut the rack of ribs in half so that I could stack the two halves. I’m hoping that this won’t mess up the results.

  243. I found this recipe on Pinterest and decided to try it last night. By the end of the meal my husband had bbq sauce all over his face…he said it was my best meal so far! Thanks Mmm…..is for Mommy! Haha I like to believe you are saving marriages with this recipe! :P

  244. Thank you for posting this recipe! They were perfect! The meat was falling off the bone! I used Jack Daniels Honey BBQ Sauce and they had great flavor and very moist. Thanks so much! :)

  245. Anonymous says:

    Well with all these good reviews I too will try this recipe. Jan

  246. Made these today. I cooked on high for three hours then reduced to low for two hours and they are falling apart. It’s going to kill me to wait to try them. We are having fried taters and homemade bread and fried cabbage with ours. Yum!

  247. These were the best ribs I have ever eaten, and I made they WOW, making them again for dinner twice within a week, another wow usually only fix ribs twice a year, not any more, and my husband also loved them he is the one to suggest we have them again tonight. thank you for sharing.

  248. Anonymous says:

    I did this recipe but with a few of my own tweaks. Overall it was easy and the taste was amazing. :)

  249. these are the best ribs my husband has ever had. And my first time ever cooking RIBS. If that tells you anything ;) Phenomenal!

  250. Best ribs my husbands ever had and my first time cooking them! They were phenomenal! I added brown sugar to the last 4 mins of the broiling process. to carmelize it a little bit more. SO GOOD!

  251. I made these for dinner tonight and they were a hit! The boyfriend and I had to practically smother the meat in sauce to give it some extra flavor because the meat wasn’t very flavorful. We’re thinking about spicing the recipe up to add some pizzazz and extra oomph. Very delicious and I was pleased at how tender they turned out!

  252. My boyfriend is asking me to make this every week now! Definitely a man-pleasing recipe! Thank you!

  253. Anonymous says:

    soooo excited to make these tomorrow for the super bowl. I’ve never make ribs before, but I have a feeling that won’t matter–these look perty darn easy!

  254. I like this recipe

  255. Wow, the ribs look amazing and I love that they are done is the crockpot. I’m a Carolina girl, so I LOVE bbq, although I haven’t eaten ribs very many times to be honest, but I do like them!

  256. You make it look easy!

  257. I’ve been searching for a great slow cooker rib recipe! Thanks

    RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

  258. Anonymous says:

    Gotta say… they smelled heavenly while cooking but turned out way too salty for our tastes… I did use kosher salt (1 tsp as suggested for 2 lbs in the rub)rather than regular table salt… when I looked up the difference between kosher/regular, it said “If you want to use kosher salt for table salt, multiply the table salt quantity by 1.5. example:
    1 teaspoon table salt = 1 1/2 teaspoons kosher salt”
    I used Jack Daniels BBQ sauce as it was what I had on hand… they were falling off the bone tender, but still the over-salty taste was a big disappointment… any thoughts as to what went wrong?

  259. That looks amazing! And the recipe looks easy enough too. I’m gonna have to try that, since I can’t use the bbq right now. :)

  260. Made these Ribs a few days ago from the America’s Test Kitchen Slow Cooker Revolution cook book! Told my daughter how fabulous they turned out and she wanted the recipe/instructions. I went online to check if I “just maybe” could save myself some time in putting her request together and here you are ! Thank you so much – yours is a perfect post. I used Smoked Paprika which gave them that true BBQ flavor. My husband loved these ribs.

  261. OMG Great Ribs thanks for the post. I think if we are cooking on the grill i would put these on the grill to finish but really not required.

  262. i do not have slow cooker, what can i use in alternative? if i place them in the oven say at 100 C more or less 200f can i cook them for 6 or 7 hours in that way?


  263. These just went into the crockpot for dinner tonight at the campground (May long weekend, yipee!). I am sure they will be delicious! The rub looks so yummy! I drizzled them with Diana Sauce, Gourmet Honey Garlic, which is a favorite of all my boys. I’ll plug them into the trailer when we get out, then when done, gently grill them on the bbq. Cannot wait!!

  264. I have made these several times after finding the recipe on Pinterest! My family love, love, loves them and it is sooooo easy! Perfect Father’s Day recipe as it is “manly meat” that he doesn’t have to grill!!! ; )
    Thank you sooo much!

  265. excellent recipe! thank you!

  266. These look really good, will give this recipe a try. Thanks for sharing it

  267. Catherine says:

    I found your recipe on pinterest and have made it several times and everyone loves it! I came back once again to get the dry rub recipe and thought I should finally comment and say how much we have enjoyed this! Thanks for the recipe! It has become a tradition for us!

  268. Got mine almost DONE! My kitchen looks like a science project :) I used a turkey baster to pull the fat off top and into a jar so I can see it separate (used the top of crock to guide the end into jar-cause it does squirt). And a large WIDE tong and stew spoon for removing the ribs from crock pot (thought of your exact word ‘tennnderrrr’ LOL). Using a strainer for the rest of the juices into sauce pan. So far so good – using Sweet Baby Rays Honey BBQ sauce btw (reserved 1/4 in bottle to pore over ribs before going under boiler). Just missing one tool- baster brush-then my kitchen would be complete for this project. My house smells awesome! Can’t wait to share these with my Dad. He’s gonna think I’m a genius :)

  269. Made these and they were very good. Loved the ease of cooking them in the crock-pot. Alton Brown has the best ever rib recipe, “Who Loves Ya Baby-Back Ribs”, and I am going to use his flavors with this method from now on.

  270. I loooove ribs and saw the delicious-looking picture on Pinterest. I made them for supper tonight and they were a hit. The only downer was that my kids were wishing there were more. :-) Thanks for sharing and I love your sense of humour!

  271. I just made these and they were really good! I made them with beef ribs because that’s what I had. They were too big to stand them up so I had to put them down in the crockpot and they turned out fine still. The one question I do have is, how do you skim the oil/ fat from the sauce after removing the ribs? I had a hard time with this.

  272. I haven’t tried ribs in the slowcooker yet but I would be wiling to try. Over several years and dozens of tries i have developed what has been considered by all, that have tasted them, to be the best ribs ever. perfect balance of moist, tender and chewy. Almost fall off the bone that tender but with enough holding them on to pick up and eat. someday i will get around to posting my recipe. for now if anyone wants it just contact me through my site. I would be glad to share.

  273. Love bbq ribs but haven’t had much luck making them, maybe it is time to try again!

  274. Diana Corlett says:

    Looks absolutely yummy and so easy to make! This recipe is on my to do soon list for sure!

  275. Emiliano Babarah says:

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  276. Thank you for suggesting this recipe over on my FB page the other day! So easy, and totally delish. Husband said, “This is somthin’ special.”


  277. CDNSmurfette says:

    I have never made ribs before but these loped easy so I gave them a try. Well…they were SO easy and SO good! Everyone loved them.
    The only change/addition I made was that I quartered one onion and one tart apple and put them in the centre of the crock so they simmered in the juices while cooking. I strained them out of the sauce when I rendered it down, but you still got a bit of flavour from them…delicious.

    Thank you so much for this recipe!

  278. Thank you for the recipe!! I made this once for my mom when she came to visit me a month ago! She loved them so much she had to call me yesterday to make them for herself and my dad at home! My hubby is an Army helicopter pilot and has been gone for training these last few weeks. He was jealous when he heard I made ribs for the FIRST time and for my mom! LOL so, today I have the ribs in crockpot and can’t wait to serve a Friday night dinner of ribs! My kiddos (18 mo and 4 yrs old won’t eat it ) but it’s more for mommy and daddy! Lol thanks again!!

  279. Omg these were to die for. I had pinned your recipe a while ago, not realizing it was from one of my favorite cookbooks! I was always intimidated by ribs and put off by a bad experience grilling ribs years ago. While it doesn’t have the smoked flavor of my favorite bbq place, the sweet caramelized sauce makes up for it. I think next time I would leave out the cayenne. It was an odd flavor. I think the choice of sauce is huge for this recipe. I tried all four that I had and preferred the Sweet Baby Ray’s Honey bbq (but I had to use parts of others to reach the entire 3 cups). I also want to point out that people with the old style of under gas oven broiler will need a mere 2 mins per side when caramelizing. Also want to suggest a reheat method: 300 degrees, wrap in foil in baking dish. 20 mins, open foil for another 10.

  280. My son wanted ribs for his birthday dinner and I had pinned this forever ago. This was my first time making ribs ever. Everyone raved! My son was thrilled. My husband couldn’t say enough good things. Thank you for a wonderful easy to follow recipe!

  281. These ribs are easy, tender and delicious! The only thing I did different, was I didn’t use the sauce that the ribs cooked in, I just took them out and brushed them with my Sweet Baby Rays Barbecue sauce and broiled them like it said. Enjoyed leftover’s the next day. Thank You

  282. Can you cook these ribs on a BBQ as well?

  283. What is S&P? Is it a type of beer or seasoning that I never heard of?

  284. What is S&P? Is it a type of beer or seasoning that I never heard of?

  285. It appears that someone copied and pasted your post and published it a year later. http://scrapandcrapinapan.blogspot.com/2012/07/slow-cooker-baby-back-ribs.html#comment-form

    • That happens :( At least I am credited in that one… we all take inspiration from others but I do appreciate when the time is taken to do your own photographs and word it your own way. I’ve seen my photos used without credit on completely different recipes before. It’s crazy. Thanks for the heads up.

  286. I’ve made these ribs several times, and they always turn out great. Thanks for sharing!

  287. Best slow cooker rib recipe I have tried! Loved this one!

  288. WOOOOOOOW!!!! we just finished eating them… everyone LOVED them! they’re perfect..
    fall off the bone with a bit of crisp.. soooooo good! will def make again.
    THANKS for the recipe.


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