Maple Leaf Monster Jam Tour is Coming to Halifax!

Maple Leaf Monster Jam

Shh… I’ve got a little big secret – I think Monster Trucks are pretty cool.  There is something about the sheer size of them along with the noise and power they put out that makes me happy. Do I want one as a daily driver? No, my tiny little Accent 2-door burns enough gas, thank […]

Madras Beef Curry

Madras Beef Curry

I’m about 2 weeks into my return to healthy eating and while I’m doing fine, I still need to sit down to put some new menus together and start keeping some new, healthier staples in the house. Luckily my cupboards are always stocked with a variety of Pataks products, they allow me to create quick […]

Having Diabetes is the Best Thing Ever! (for Me)


Yay Diabeetus! Last week, my doctor confirmed something I have known for quite some time but just wasn’t dealing with – I’m diabetic. Thankfully I am not yet on medication or insulin shots, but I am indeed diabetic and not just sitting on the fence. In my mid-20s I was told that my blood sugars […]

Simple Easter Rag Wreath


While I was shopping for the ingredients for my last quiche at Walmart, I stumbled across these adorable pre-cut fabric pieces that just had ‘Easter’ written all over them (plus they are chevron, hello!). I knew I had to have them and would create some Easter decorations with them. Of course when I got them […]

Spring Clean & Sweep Cash Giveaway


If you are a Mom, you probably know exactly how I feel most days. It seems like I spend at least half of the day sweeping the floor, doing dishes and picking up, both after myself and the kiddo (I gotta give Hubs his props, he’s a good picker upper) yet somehow the house is […]

Easter Brunch – Quiche with Phyllo Crust


I love eating eggs on Easter, both the chocolate and chicken variety. To counteract the sugar-fest that is Easter morning, I like to make a wholesome brunch including plenty of fruits and veggies… just like this one we enjoyed last Sunday. I was able to pick up all of the ingredients that I needed for […]

The Invisalign Diet

Invisalign Impressions

No, it’s not the latest craze but that’s what I’m calling it anyway. Remember back in December when I mentioned that my dentist was sending in a predetermination for orthodontics? Well, it was approved and he finally convinced me that it’s the way to go for my long-term dental health, considering my deep bite and […]

Carrot Cake Bars & Raising Generous Kids

Carrot Cake Bars 2

I’m not sure whether it’s just her nature or because she is an only child, but Chelsea has always been a generous little girl. Whether she wants to share her new toy with a friend or her cupcake with Daddy, selfishness has rarely been an issue (notice I said rarely, we all have our moments). […]

Mango Chicken, Henna & Threading

Chelsea's Henna Sushma Halifax

This was a great month for me as a #PataksMom. Not only did I get to add another touch of India into our regular dinner rotation, I also got the opportunity to delve into the world of Indian beauty. If you’ve seen any of the big Bollywood films, you’ll already know how beautiful Indian women […]

Morning Routines, or Lack Thereof…

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel

Panic is starting to set in. Not that Chelsea will be starting school in September, but that we will have to get up early and have our ‘stuff’ together. I’ll be honest, it’s a special morning around here if we are dressed and ready to be out the door by noon, let alone 8am. Breakfasts […]