Homemade In A Hurry – Cinnamon Swirl Loaf


“Okay, I’ll see you in an hour or so.  Bye.” Once I’ve said those words there is a set routine that follows. I get dressed (haha), I do a 10-second tidy and then I see what goodies I have to serve with coffee. Although it may seem that I bake all the time, more often […]

Wordless Wednesday – Social Media on the Sand

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Be back soon with oodles to share

Boston CityPASS


Taking a fun family vacation is never without a price tag, but there are lots of ways that you can save money without avoiding the attractions that you really want to visit. When we went to Boston this summer, it was the first time we used CityPASS ticket booklets. Because of time, we didn’t get […]

The Top 10 Culinary Destinations (or How To Eat Your Way Around the World)

Roast and Pizza in Tuscany, Pizza in New York, San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf and Seattle Fish Market

What serendipity that I am publishing this post while having breakfast at the airport in one of the very cities I’m writing about. I am visiting Toronto, which is included in this season’s Travelocity.CA Top 10 Culinary Destinations in their Culinary Travel Trend Report. Yes, this is breakfast poutine… home fries smothered in curds and hollandaise with a […]

Miss Independent & Her Creamy Orange Fruit Dip

Creamy Orange Fruit Dip 3

My baby, my adorable little bundle whose naps inspired me to start this blog, started school last month. I feel that she is more than ready for the challenges that will face her ‘out there’ and am excited to watch her become more and more independent as the years go by. Letting Chelsea become more […]

Taking Taco Tuesday To New Heights – Chicken Tinga Tacos


You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone. With our friends the MacNeils making the trek to Alberta, we also lost our all-access pass to authentic Mexican tacos. Matt loves to put together the real deal, complete with handmade corn tortillas. Weekly flights to Edmonton would become a bit pricy, so we did the […]

Spicy Cumin & Ginger Chicken Drumsticks

Pataks_Spicy_Tomato_Cumin_Chicken_Drumstick 5

I’ve been mixing in a bit of India most of my life, although only for the past 12 months as a #PataksMom. This month, I let Pataks take the lead and I tried one of the recipes in their